Lousak Greystorm

Human Warden


Lou knows next to nothing about his parents. He was told by his guardian…Gorion (j/k on the name but 10 bonus points if someone recognizes the reference) …that He was delivered to the Graystorm grove by a noble human from Marl. Lou’s Guardian said she specifically did not ask the noble for details. Lou was raised by the community of Druids, but primarily by a half elf female named Nym. Lou was among other orphans being raised as either Druids or Grove Guardians (wardens). Over the course of the last 100 years the grove evolved from an isolated set of nomads to a larger stationary setting. This was in response to the growing and unchecked primal decay of the dead woods and surrounding area. The elder Druids had to organize to provide a unified resistance to the growing evil. As young we’re taken in, they were tested and then guided toward either Druid or guardian depending on their aptitude. Life was great for Lou. He cherished the wild and felt most happy the deeper he communed in nature. Occasionally he would get curious about his parents and Marl, but never brooded on the mystery. Lou took several short trips to villages and settlements and was never impressed by society. Lou has never been to marl or any other city.

Lou is genuinely motivated by the well being of nature. Whether by fate or, some early dedication ritual, is unknown to him but he is at peace when nature is balanced. He is calm and peaceful when nature around him is balanced, but is passionate and at times angry when unnatural forces disturb the balance. Lou is particularly protective of the waste of life. He has no problem with violence or killing for the right reasons, but would not tolerate cruelty or carelessness with life. Most immediately one of the storm totems of the grove was stolen. The grove’s diminished capacity to channel the primal elements has the elder Druids extremely on edge. Lou knows that the event was more than a simple larceny based on the magnitude of emotional turmoil displayed by the elders. Lou does not know why he was assigned the task of retrieval. Other guardians, and Druids for that matter, were available. Many of whom were older, more seasoned and frankly more powerful. Lou is also questioning why he was sent alone. Often when the need was the greatest, teams of Druids and guardians were assembled to act in unison.

Lou has ambition to travel. He knows that wisdom is only truly improved with time and experience. Lou wants to see as much of the world as he can. Lou has heard of several great Forrests, so ancient that some parts have never experience outside interference for thousands of years. One such Forrest is Kalaawoods. As mysterious as it is old. The Druids speak of the place like it is the center of creation. Only a few he knows has ventured that far. And those who have speak cryptically about what they experienced.

Lousak Greystorm

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